Tugstar, with 17 years in the business.  He has toured some of the the biggest festivals in Jamaica, as well as the world, working with many artist to break the mold of dance hall, and bring his music across multiple genres.  He remains with his finger on the pulse of modern reggae, continually working to push its sound and its message to the world stage.


OBI took notice of rap and hip hop as a medium to convey his thoughts.  He was blown away by the lyrical skill of top rappers and immediately got hooked. OBI now spends every spare minute working on his passion, constantly refining his sound and always working towards greatness. Through his lyrics he embraces the challenges life throws his way, setting out to prove that anything is possible when you’re willing to grind.



The Salsahall Collective is comprised of JeanSe Le Doujet, Chris Couto & Piano Ruiz. They are three individually talented people who come together to harmonize and create playing off of each other's unique energy.



Tiago Vasquez is a singer, songwriter and guitar player who wows crowds with his engaging delivery. He is an outlier in a contemporary category and owns his unique sound from a past that has dark days and bright beaming lights.



From birth Harvey has been fully immersed in music.  In his teen years Harvey played primarily Jazz, however Reggae, Ska and Cuban music resonated with him early on as well. Harvey Produces and Composes with his musical vision to bring Cuba and Jamaica together. Harvey's band, that backs up all of the Haus records artists, consist of some of the best latin musicians in the Vancouver area, hailing from Columbia, Cuba, Venezuela, Guatemala, Portugal, Belize, Spain and Mexico.